Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Elements of a Good Article

Catches the readers attention

The lead sentence catches the readers attention and relates to the topic.

The introductory paragraph tells the most important facts and answers the questions:
  • who
  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why
  • how
Inverted Pyramid:
Basic facts are covered first and reemphasized often to help get them encoded into memory.

Structure types:
  • chronological — the article may be a narrative of some sort.
  • cause and effect — the reasons and results of an event or process is examined.
  • classification — items in an article are grouped to help aid understanding
  • compare and contrast— two or more items are examined side-by-side to see their similarities and differences
  • list — A simple item-by-item run-down of pieces of information.
  • question and answer —such as an interview with a celebrity or expert+

  • final quote
  • descriptive scene
  • play on the title or lead
  • summary statement


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