Friday, May 9, 2008

Resources: Online Slang Dictionaries

Online Chat Slang Terms

a/s/l/p - age/sex/location/picture
banana - built absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody
bbsl - be back sooner or later
c 2 c - cam to cam (webcams)
code9 - other people near by
dfm - don't flame me
dku - drop kick ugly
dynm - do you know me
fatt - funny at the time
Example of new slang terms:

breezy - a female or girlfriend; You could be my breezy
sausage jockey - a promiscuous female
television bum - a person without cable television

25 Slang Terms Parents should know

PAW - Parents are Watching
PIR - Parent In Room
POS - Parent Over Shoulder

Urban Dictionary

boyfriend bomb - When a female you are interested in casually reveals that she has a boyfriend; intentionally or otherwise

Tall Tee - A long T-Shirt that goes down to someone's knees

Text Support - Advice, encouragement delivered via text... frequently related to dating and boss hating. Pronounced like tech support.

Net Lingo


Bucktoothed Vampire with One Tooth Missing

Really Happy

Botox smiley

Brain Dead

Chat, E-Mail, Web, and chat room slang and acronyms

AAK - Alive And Kicking
BEG - Big Evil Grin
FUBAR- Fouled Up Beyond All Repair / Recognition
FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
LFFAO - Laughing My F***(freaking) Ass Off
WTGP? - Want To Go Private? (move to a private chat room)

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