Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Capote's Writing

After being completely infatuated with Capotes writing style once I read Breakfast at Tiffany's and other short stories, I am let down by Unanswered Prayers. I have only just dived in but am under the impression that he's being provocative for the sake of being shocking. This is the crap I'm being fed via television everyday so I've grown to dislike it very very much.

I know his life was at times very rough so Im guessing he could have become so jaded that he meant to write exactly what he wrote in Unanswered Prayers. But I honestly don't think even he was happy with it and that's why he put off publishing it. Something is off and it's not his style but rather the story itself. It feels rushed at times; as though there is so much he needs to express it releases as a fire cracker: an immediate force that delights the viewer but leaves them wanting for more. I will continue reading the story and see if I change my mind.

So far my favorite is 'Christmas Memory'. I enjoy the way he manages to express different types of innocence. I look forward to reading more of his short stories.

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