Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Story Of Oshun & Ogun

"The Story Of Oshun & Ogun

Description: "The Story Of Oshun & Ogun" is a 4 minute 3D animation pilot telling the West African, Yoruba based fable of how little Oshun, who represents love, seduction and sweetness, brought the powerful Ogun, entity of iron, machines and technology, out of hiding to restore order to the world.

This is the pilot for an animated series, Power Force 5, which updates this West African folklore in a contemporary way. Our five teenage heroes: Oshun, Ogun, Shango, Oya and Eshu represent powerful forces of nature. They use their superpowers to help mankind but since they are still teens, their own personal dramas can sometimes get in the way

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