Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Movies

The first two movies I've watched this month were on the classic movie channel.

31. It Happened Tomorrow - I enjoyed the twist of this 1944 classic black and white film. The acting was way over the top but it seems alot of the movies were that way.

32. The Rainmaker - The characters were so absurd I just couldn't stop watching. It was as though each character had their trait and it was amped up a thousand percent for the effect of making them absolutely ridiculous. I guess that's why I kept watching because I couldn't believe they were acting like major wierdos. I do enjoy Audry Hepburn and thought the role really suited her. She was quite believable in it.
33. Madea Goes to Jail - it was good but the serious part was way too long and left the movie feeling unbalanced. Funny so watch.
34. Angel-A - goofy French movie with a great message. Love yourself. I would have liked the movie if the Angela character was left to fullfil her destiny.
35. Land of Plenty - preaches at you all the way through. did not enjoy one minute of it.
36. House of Mirth - a boring period movie. i love the ending.
37. The Lather Effect - i love movies about relationships; this was an uncomplicated one w/great 80's music.
38. Reign Over Me - a story about crazy people. i was impressed by Sandlers performance.
39. Happy Go Lucky - the story was a snippet of life not a begginning, middle & end.
40. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I had a great laugh with this one.
41. The Passion of Ayn Rand - wierd but i liked it
42. Come Away Home - terrible but taught me how important it is to use your setting and take advantage of your surroundings to build an atmosphere for the action
44. SuperBAd - super funny
45. Fling - see - I enjoyed it.
46. Taxi Driver - what a wierd movie. The best scene is def.the massacre scene.
47. Before Sunrise
48. Stir of Echoes - def. see this creepy tale about ghosties getting into your head

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