Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Resolution of the Year ~ Enter a Screenplay Competition

Time flies when you're having fun 2011 has begun and my first resolution is to enter the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition. I knew I needed a hard deadline to motivate me to work harder to accomplish my goal. And that deadline is January 20th. woohoo

My heart pounds with excitement just thinking about entering. After attending a workshop with Gordy Hoffman I know this contest is the real deal and I can count on a quality critique.

The screenplay is a sci-fi thriller with a strong Latina protagonist. It's very satisfying to write a movie I would love to watch or can even imagine myself being in. It's a story that excites me and I'm doing my best to get that feeling down on paper.

Winning would be amazing but so is completing a project you're in love with, daring to put it out there and receiving an analysis is a necessary step for the next phase.

Do you have any writing goals for 2011?

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