Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Movies, Books and Writing

This blog has been a bit quiet but I haven't.  I've been blogging about art and photography here and house music here .

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There's nothing I love more than a good story. I watch tons of  movies.   

I finally watched the movie Hanna last night and loved it.  I was hooked from the beginning.  The writers teased the hell out of me and left me wanting to know more. . .
who was she or what the heck was she?

Watching Eric Bana swim, run and fight (McYum) made me want to get my fitness on.  Maybe I'll do some crunches later. ; )

I enjoy the action/thriller genre so I'm really happy to find a great movie like this.  Plus I'm writing an action thriller.  You can't see me but I'm raising my eyebrows and nodding my head. lol

I also liked the characters and the irony of them being so weird while telling the audience Hanna is an abnormal human.  Cate Blanchetts' characters obsession with her teeth was so gross it was awesome.  Although I can't remember his name I liked the whistling trait on the psycho killer character too.

What I'm Reading:
I've been reading books about writing for inspiration.

I just finished How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One by Stanley Fish .
It was cool. He has some very nice examples of great beginning and ending sentences in there.

Then I read a great book about storytelling but returned it before writing this post and can't remember the name or author.  I did take some great notes like:

'Character motives are directly related to their relationships with each other.'

'The inciting incident upsets the balance then comes the rising action.'

My story starts right when things go wrong for my protagonist and I've written several scenes which I want to revisit keeping in mind:
Does solving one problem lead to another?

Next on my list to read is The Architecture of Drama by David Letwin, Joe Stockdale, Robin Stockdal.

What are you watching or reading that's good?


Anonymous said...

When thinking about character, I really enjoy dipping into Orson Scott Card's 'Characters and Viewpoint' and for the importance of words, sentences and paragraphs Francine Proses' 'Reading like a Writer' was an eye-opener for me. Noah Lukeman's 'The First 5 pages' is a short easy read, though not sure I was able to put it to good effect.

On a different note, I recently enjoyed Elke Babicki's 'Making the Connections' and think this idea can have as much to do with writing and blogging as anything else, reminding us perhaps to always have our mind, ears and eyes open to connections.

BellaVida said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to add them on my to read list.

Tristan Mahlow said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am really glad you enjoyed my post about 'Hanna'.

It is a great idea to publish all your thoughts and inspirations, this way you have to really think them through...

I will read your blog often now :)