Friday, January 30, 2009

Movies & Books Last Week of January 2009

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I watched S.F.W. on the movie channel the other day and really enjoyed it because it brought me back to the early 90's and reminded me of that invisible shield of invincibility we all carry in our youth before we realize how fragile life is.

Here's a link to the trailor:

The movie is about the two survivors from a group of people held hostage for 36 days during which their captors video tape them and leak the tapes to the public. The media and public reactions would still hold true today sadly. So if you want a time capsule of the 90's enjoy the ride.


I finished Meg Wolitzer's, The Ten Year Nap. I liked reading about so many different womens lives. It's like peeking through an open window.

Also reading:
Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting
Writing Your Screenplay by Lisa Dethridge

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