Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Movies

Movies 30

2 Days in Paris - see - i love this movie. Julie Delphy wrote and directed a movie chock full of sarcasm & wit. This movie cracks me up every time i watch it. A bit of funny trivia: Julie's real parents play her parents in the movie.

Revolutionary Road - see - very heavy movie. i would have liked to know these tragic characters a little more intimately which makes me interested in reading the book.

Crooked Hearts - pass - way too preachy plus horrible acting.

Funny Valentines - pass; the same 2 actors in every movie
NoWhere - pass - i watched this on IFC while flipping around to other channels. it's a super wierd movie full of famous actors. i loved seeing Christina applegate with black hair and crazy braces.

Rachel Getting Married - The story presented the characters background in reverse so you never knew why peeps where acting they way they were until the end. I liked the fresh perspective. It was interesting to see how people deal with the same issues in different ways. The family gathering scenes were extremely realistic so I found them to be a bit boring. I would recommend you see this if you love dramas.

Eyes Wide Shut - see - I missed the beginning of the movie but still, I did enjoy the way the director showed the story and not tell it. The music coming in and out at the right times gave me the creeps cultivating my curiosity. The movie is an interesting perspective on someone with major trust issues and crossing the boundries of sanity.

Desert of Blood - see - great looking actors; too much telling vs. showing

Made in Manhattan (1940's) -eh lot's of overacting and unrealistic scenarios

Miss Potter - I knew nothing of her real life before watching the movie so I don't know how much is acurate. I did enjoy it very much considering it was such a goody goody version of a life. My favorite parts were when Potter's amazing drawings came to life. They were incredible and made me want to be outside closer to nature.

Interview - see - I enjoyed it more than I thought I was considering how repulsive Steve Buscemi's character was.

Rivers Edge - I love this movie and watch it whenever I catch it on tv. I caught only the ending this time around. I think what I like best about it is how it capures the reality of youth especially how easy one can be corrupted. What a fine line we walk.

He's Just Not that into You - SEE - I really liked it. I thought it was very cute. The main characters were cute and I liked how everything was wrapped up not left up in the air.

The Lost - the protagist's acting was terrible since he spent the whole movie pursing his lips unlike the girl in trouble who did a fabulous acting job but the story has a twist so see it for that.

Say Anything - I never cared much for this movie when it came out and I still don't. lol

Two Lovers -see -I liked this movie. It was entertaining and unpredictable dealing with some truely disturbed young people on the verge. Their pain was incredibly palpable in every scene and you worried about them. Seems like Joaquin became this character. How sad for him.


Amy said...

i adore leo so i'll definitly be seeing revolutionary road. btw: did you know it's based on a book. I find that all good movies are based on book:0

BellaVida said...

Yes, Leo is a tremendous actor. I like most of his movies.

Yes, I know it was a book and the movie made me want to read the book to get to know the characters more deeply. I felt the movie didn't convey the author's message.