Sunday, April 12, 2009

April Movies

49. Burnt Offerings - skip it - a really bad movie where everyone is afflicted with madness.

50. The Offence - see - interesting old school 1973 psychological thriller. Strong performance by Sean Connery. Reflects on the fine line between good, evil and what it takes to be a great detective.

51. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - surprise surprise it was good. I loved all of Lucians fighting scenes the most. They made me want to rise up & whoop some grass.

52. 1408 - second time I've watched and really enjoy this adaptation of Steven Kings short story.

53. Premonition - no way

54. Knowing - awesome

55. Bonneville - made me want to have my ashes sprinkled across the planet although i surely would rather see it while alive

56. Jerry McGuire - fun, entertaining, over the top emotional snippet of a life
57. Our Song - didnt feel the characters were authentic
58. Chrystal - i like sling blades crazy movies
60. I Know Who Killed Me - the story wasn't bad but the movie not so much
61. Wierd Science - nicely ended the point it started in the beginning
62. Bedtime Stories - loved it, super cute
63. Last Stop for Paul - really good, i loved this movie
64. Conjuror - wow that was horrible in every way
65. Two for the Road - two unlikeable characters who deserve each other
66. I Love You Man - funny
67. Flannel Pajamas - felt phoney/preachy at times

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