Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Movies

68. The Secret Life of Bees - a story about how love comes in many different ways. nice but overly plotted & predictable

69. S. Darko - a series of events connected by a not so authentic attempt

70. the Click - wow little 12 yr old girls r so evil according to scriptwriters

71. Sixteen Candles - one of my all time favs

72. What Love Is - great dialogue

73. Crime & Punishment in Suburbia - pass

74. Mystic Pizza - happy to see times have changed.
75. How I Got into College -
76. Curious Case of Benjamin Button - really good
77. Rudo y Cursi - nice story about brothers relationship
78. Mirrors - boring & slow paced but it did give me nightmares
79. Powder Blue - i enjoyed it but don't like loose ends
80. What Doesn't Kill You - great true story
81. Perfect Opposites - i never cared about the charcters
82. No Country for Old Men - loved the characters, great story, kept my attn.
83. Transiberian - enjoyed it, beautifully shot but the story slipped away a few times.
84. Passengers - example of backward movie writing

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