Sunday, November 29, 2009

Super Girl ~ Comics for All Ages

Super Girl Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

This week I’m reading the new Super Girl Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade by Landry Walker and Eric Jones. DC Comics released the six issue miniseries for all ages earlier this year.

I’m happy to see more comics featuring girls that are fun and interesting to read. The first thing I noticed was the amazing new artwork. But more specifically I love how Super Girl has been modified to look sportier rather than sexy.

I really enjoyed the Super Girl series which is more mature than Tiny Titans. (Another series I love & highly recommend for young readers.) The series is enjoyable because it delves into the emotional growth and development of Super Girl while at the same providing loads of entertaining fast paced action.

The first issue sets things up and explains how Super Girl ended up on planet earth. Superman and Lex Luther also make it into the issue and we get to watch Kara have to adapt to earthly ways.

I really enjoyed the storyline and recommend it. While the series is meant for all ages keep in mind you need to be old enough to understand the basics of time travel and parallel universes. ;)

Happy Reading!

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GABO said...

hi! thank you for the kind words on my blog... i couldn't figure out a way to respond to you any other way than on your blog .. but i'm glad i checked it out.. its very awesome!

to answer your question, the comic is going to be in an anthology for the chicago based charity Reading With Pictures (

the comic is about an adolescent alien scent to earth to learn about young humans, and those characters i drew were the "bully character" for the story...

keep an eye on my blog, as i'll have more art coming soon!

thanks again!
feel free to email me whenever!